Meadows are well placed to advise both new celebrants to the industry and established celebrants already in the industry.

We have recently attended the National Convention for Celebrants as a key note speaker.

We can advise on understanding the advantages and disadvantages of:

  • Self-employment
  • Entering in to a business partnership with someone
  • Starting a limited company
  • How pension planning might influence how you decide to legally define your work

We can also advise on a range of topics intended to help you fully understand the process of completing your tax return as a Celebrant, including:

  • Record keeping: the use of spreadsheet or cloud accounting software and the impact of making tax digital
  • The use of a business bank account
  • The most tax efficient way of receiving your Celebrant income when you also have other sources of income

Please contact us and let our qualified and experienced team help you grow your business.